Bukowna – a tiny village located beetwen Lubin, Legnica and Chojnów – is where we have found our place on Earth. Surrounded by vast woods, fields and meadows, gives an impression of remoteness from cities. Yet, it is just nearly 20 km from Lubin and Legnica. In Bukowna every year during summer solstice there is a traditional festival called  „Noc Świętojańska”. There is dancing, singing and playing -  we bring back to life old traditions.

Because of my training as a music teacher, and experience as an educator, I have good contact with children and young adults, that's why I invite youth for workshops that include: science, architecture, handcraft and music classes.

This is a safe and interesting place offering great workshops suitable for celebrations, like birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers. On Fridays we offer classes for mom with kids, we provide childcare for kids that are not taking part in workshops with their moms.

„Home in Freya's Garden” have received recomendation by Polish Federation of Farm Tourism as „ Farm Guest House”.

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